What is VQEG?

The Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) is a group of experts from various backgrounds and affiliations, including participants from several internationally recognized organizations, working in the field of video quality assessment. The group was formed in October of 1997 at a meeting of video quality experts. The majority of participants are active in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and VQEG combines the expertise and resource found in several ITU Study Groups to work towards a common goal.

The general motivation of VQEG is to advance the field of video quality assessment by investigating new and advanced subjective, i.e., subjective assessment methods, and objective, i.e., objective quality metrics and measurement techniques.

What is STL?

The main goal of the VQEG Tools and Subjective Labs Setup support group is to provide the research community with a wide variety of software tools and guidance in order to facilitate video quality research. Most of these tools have been contributed by different VQEG members and are free to use for research purposes.


Any questions or remarks concerning the Tools and Subjective Labs Setup support group can be directed to one of the co-chairs or maintainers — see Contact.

Feel free to contact the co-chairs in case you would like to add or recommend other software tools to be added to the Tools and Subjective Labs Setup website.