ITU-T P.1201.2 Audiovisual Quality Estimation Tool

Implementation of the audiovisual coding quality module of the ITU-T P.1201.2 standard

This tool is an implementation of the audiovisual coding quality module of the ITU-T P.1201.2 standard. It estimates the audiovisual, video, audio coding quality for IP-based video streaming applications. It works on audiovisual bitstream (PCAP) in combination with the modified JM H.264/AVC codec. It also works with encrypted data, but the I/P/B frame sizes have in that case to be estimated, and the performance of the model depends on the accurate estimation of the I/P/B frame sizes. Finally, video files encoded with x264 or the H.264/AVC JM Reference Software are also supported.


For non-commercial research purposes only. For commercial use, please contact Dr. B. Feiten at

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If you use the tool and publish results, please cite the following papers:

  • M.-N. Garcia, P. List, S. Argyropoulos, D. Lindegren, M. Pettersson, B. Feiten, J. Gustafsson, A. Raake: “Parametric model for audiovisual quality assessment in IPTV: ITU-T Rec. P.1201.2”, in Proc. IEEE Int. Workshop on Multi-media Signal Processing (IEEE MMSP), Pula, Italy, 2013

  • ITU-T Recommendation P.1201.2 (2012): Parametric non-intrusive assessment of audiovisual media streaming quality - Higher resolution application area

Usage Example

Required software: python 2.7


./ input results.txt

input is a directory containing two types of files (.vfi, .pre) per audiovisual sequence:

  • .pre: side information, e.g. video codec and profiles, audio codec, etc.
  • .vfi: list of frame types and sizes
  • results.txt contains resulting estimated audio, video and audiovisual quality scores per files listed in input

P.1201.2 scores

On VQEG JEG Hybrid no loss database: download

Reporting a bug

To report a suspected bug, please contact: